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Winter 2018
50 Years of Conservation
Seed Dormancy

Fall 2018
Migration Isn’t Just for the Birds
Prairie Horticulture at the Museum

Summer 2018
Thatching Ants Up Close
Prairie Lilies

Spring 2018
Bumblebee in Decline
Return of the Leaf Rustlers
Which Milkweed for Winnipeg’s Monarchs

Winter 2017
Conservation and Furry Friends
The Frozen Water of Life

Fall 2017
Fall Prairie Harvest
Heard It Through the Grapevine?

Summer 2017
Fawn Season
Restoration Efforts

Spring 2017
Prairie Pollination a Success
How do plants know that it's spring? 
Grouse or Prairie Chicken?

Fall 2016
Our Herbarium on Canadensys
The Prairie in Fall Colour
Native Wildflower Plantings

Summer 2016
Sparrow Songs of LPM
Updating the LPM Herbarium
The Prairie in Bloom

Spring 2016
Our Snowshoe Sundays Were a Hit!
What Spring Will Bring at LPM
Riverbank Stabilization

Winter 2015
Wishing Kyle a Fond Farewell
Monarch Research Roundup
Fall 2015
What's New: Museum Equipment
Genetic Research at the Living Prairie Museum
Local Schools Creating Butterfly Habitat

Summer 2015
What's New: Invasive Species
EcoAction: Education for Conservation
Secrets to a Butterfly Garden and a Green Roof

Spring 2015
What's New: Biofuels and Teaching Tools
Monarch Concerns: Plant Native Milkweed
How Your Photos Can Help Science